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A Smooth Process & Beautiful Pup!

Adopting a Pomsky puppy from Valerie was such a smooth process! This was my second dog that I purchased from a breeder through the Internet, and I was just as nervous. You hear about puppy scams, and puppy mills.. how could you not be nervous sending money over to someone when you can’t see the pup in person? Valerie sent me a video, and all of the positive comments on her Facebook page were from current Pomsky parents. She was super responsive and answered any and all questions I had. My baby arrived healthy and he’s such a cutie! I already love him, and after a few weeks, my older Pomeranian has adjusted to him. I’d highly recommend anyone purchase a pup from Purebredpomsky. You can see actual photos of my baby to legitimize this review on Instagram by looking up @panda.and.boo. Thanks, Valerie!

Reviewer: Caitlin, October 17, 2018

One of a kind Titan!

I cannot thank you enough for allowing me the pleasure of purchasing Titan, He is so healthy and energetic and loved by all that meets him and visa versa. I can't praise Valerie enough for alll the love and care she gives her pups, it shows in there breed. 😊

Reviewer: Joe Chizmark, January 10, 2016

Very Smooth and legit experience!!​

First off, I am a very paranoid person especially when somehow I got the idea that a Pomsky (bought online) was the perfect anniversary gift for my wife! I stumbled upon Valerie’s website and was the only breeder that had puppies available and had a female with a beautiful coat. I ended up convincing myself to follow through with payment and before i knew it, our new addition to our family Conchita (Lyla) was in our hands! Valerie is great at communicating with you and answering any question even if it may seem dumb and obvious. Valerie provides an amazing and legit service! My family is genuinely happy to have our new Pomsky as a new member of the house. Conchita is also very playful and fun to be around! Great for kids and cats! Thanks, Valerie!

Reviewer: Gonzalez, August 07, 2020


Thanks for the thoroughness from beginning to end, and I am so glad that our paths crossed.  Nitro will be over-loved and happy to be a part of our family.  Thanks again!

Reviewer: Mike, St. Louis Cardinals Professional Baseball , February  23, 2016

Great experience!!

Last week I was searching for Pomsky puppies and stumbled across Valerie’s Purebred Pomskys. To be honest and I even spoke to Valerie about it, I was very skeptical. It’s hard to come across something online without worrying about being scammed. In less than a week all my concerns were addressed, all of my question were answered right away, and I was reassured that everything will go smoothly. Guess what? It did! I did their financing option and had my concerns about that as well but all the information I got was more than enough to convince me to pull the plug. Valerie was extremely professional and very easy to work with. I picked Ozzy up today and he made himself right at home! I’m beyond thankful for the experience and for finding a new member to my family. I recommend purebred pomsky to anyone and everyone. If you’re going through the same worries and concerns, feel free to even reach out to me. I’ll be more than happy to help you through it, I’m glad that I went through it and if I ever decide to add another one to the family I will certainly come back here!

Reviewer: Mirel, September 07, 2020

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Seller Review:

I cannot say enough great things!!!

Finnley arrived to my home May 4th. Having never purchased a dog sight unseen, I left my deposit with great trepidation. Many emails and phone calls later, I felt like I knew Valerie and the dogs. He was shipped to Key West; another area that left me concerned. Finnley arrived in a clean and safe kennel with a huge smile on his face. I have never met a happier, more smiley dog. My puppy is growing into a stunning gentleman both inside and out. He is extremely bright, sweet, loving, and goofy. Valerie started his housebreaking and I finished it in less than a week. I have never met Valerie, but I feel like she will be a part of Finnley's life forever, This was the best dog purchasing experience I have ever had, and I feel blessed to have found this gem of a puppy. I am thrilled to give Valerie and her dogs an outstanding review.

Reviewer: erica, July 15, 2015

Excellent Experience

Valerie was very helpful and communicative. She responded promptly to all emails and answered all of our questions. Our cute little puppy was happy and healthy and is enjoying his new life. Valerie is an superb seller and I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a puppy. Thank You Valerie.

Reviewer: Frankie, August 2, 2008

Very happy owner

We got "Chancy" now Reba home on Saturday night and we are more than happy. Everything with buying the puppy was a very happy and easy experince. Valerie made it easy with info i wanted before buying, answered all my questions i had. Payment was no problem. She keeped me updated on my puppy with info and new pictures to make the wait easier on us. Gave me all the flight info 48 hours in advance. Reba came on time and even Valerie warned me about getting car sick , she was realy not bad at all. Reba is very outgoing and playfull. I can tell she took very good care of this puppy and socialized her a lot. Thank you Valerie from Claudia and family.

Reviewer: Claudia, February 18, 2008

Chloe from Stlwell

I purchased a beautiful sable puppy from Valerie last year and it was a wonderful experience! "Chloe" was well socialized, happy and healthy. Valerie's dogs were so happy and friendly you could tell they were well loved and cared for. All my questions were answered very promptly and professionally. I look forward to getting another puppy!

Reviewer: Marion, July 25, 2010

Awesome to work with

Seller is awesome to work with. We could not be happier with our puppy. It is quite evident that they take excellent care of their pets. We would highly recommend Valerie.

Reviewer: Terry, November 9, 2011

 Best Friends...

We purchased "Cider" from Valerie. Our goal was two fold. 1) to provide a puppy for our son to raise. To teach him responsibility, etc. He had his heart settled on another puppy. 2) to provide companionship for our 2 year old Golden Retriever, "Aja". We have always thought that dogs do better in pairs, to bond and to play with. Our experience with Valerie couldn't have been more pleasant. She was wonderful with her time and very patient with all of our questions. Our family has completely fallen in love with our puppy, Cider. Her and Aja have become best "buddies" and they do everything together. Our son and Cider have bonded in the way we had hoped. When he comes home or into the room, Cider is all over him to greet him. She's the happiest dog we've ever had. I wouldn't hesitate a moment to purchase your puppy from Valerie. They're the best...

Reviewer: James, March 27, 2013


We got one of Valerie's adorable puppies for our daughter last year and the entire process was an absolutely delightful experience. Valerie was always available for upcoming questions and she was extremely helpful in arranging for transportation. Initially we worried about our puppy flying to Arizona in mid summer; Valerie went above and beyond to have our little darling travel under the very best conditions. Meanwhile, our Haru is a young adult and gorgeous as can be, inside and out. He is very smart and healthy, loving, caring, gentle, social, affectionate, fun, responsible, playful, eager to learn and simply beautiful– the list of greatness could go on and on...It is apparent that he came from the loving home of an experienced, professional breeder. I strongly recommend Valerie and her puppies; we may get another puppy in the future and it will most certainly be one of Valerie's!

Reviewer: Susanna, December 8, 2013


I want to thank you very much as you have made this process very easy, wonderful and very kind. I promise he will love his new home and will be taken very good care of. Cant express how happy I am he is gorgeous!  

Reviewer: Avery, NFL Professional Player, May 11, 2016

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