What is our Guarantee?

  • We guarantee your new puppy will be of sound health and temperament at the time of sale. We love our

         puppies, so our commitment to you will not end when the puppy arrives home. We will do our best to be there
         if questions or concerns arise.

         departure. They will also be up to date with age appropriate vaccinations, micro-chipped and de-wormed on a
         regular schedule while in our care. Your puppy will arrive with a negative fecal exam for any live common
         parasites listed: coccidia, giardia, hook worms, round worms and tape worms.

  • Buyer will receive copies of all puppies’ health records, prior to puppy departing seller’s possession.
  • First 24 hours: Buyers must activate the free thirty days of Pet Insurance Provided by Trupanion.
  • First 72 Hours: Our guarantee stipulates you must take your new puppy to a licensed veterinarian within the first three (3) business days of arrival to ensure good health. If the examination indicates that at the time of sale, such animal was unfit for purchase due to illness, disease, or congenital disorder, you may return the pet to us for an exchange of equivalent value.
  • Full seven day (7) guarantee against Distemper, Parvo Virus, and Corona Virus. Should any of the above diseases be detected within the first seven days by a licensed veterinarian from a PCR test administered, from date of physical ownership, you must notify us in writing within one business day. Reimbursement will be provided for fair and reasonable and documented veterinary expenses for medical treatment up to the original purchase price. For all valid claims as determined by your pet insurance provider, we will reimburse you up to $250 of the deductible and 100% of the copay.
  • Years 1-2: Guarantee against any hereditary or congenital disorder that adversely affects the health of your puppy or causes the death of your puppy. This includes: Crippling Hip Dysplasia- which hampers a dog’s
    movement and natural gait and requires surgery to correct. Kidney, heart, pancreas, spine, and liver problems of a severe life threatening or altering nature. In the event of a death resulting from a hereditary or congenital
    disorder, following two (2) years from puppy’s birthday date, we need certification by a licensed veterinarian as
    reason for death and necropsy report. Buyer may at their discretion pay to have puppy autopsied to ascertain
    reason. If reason is genetic or congenital, the Seller will replace the puppy up to the original purchase price. If a
    diagnosis of a severe hip dysplasia or severe luxating patella’s is made, radiographs must be submitted to seller and meet OFA guidelines. 

  • Years 2-10: If, between the second and tenth anniversary of the date of arrival, not to exceed puppies tenth birthday, in the event of a death resulting from a hereditary or congenital disorder, Purebred Pomsky will issue a credit equal to fifty percent (50%) of the purchase price of your puppy, to be used toward the purchase of
    another puppy from seller. We need certification by two licensed veterinarians as reason for death and necropsy report. Buyer may at their discretion pay to have dog autopsied to ascertain reason.

  • Puppy Perk: We care about the safe arrival of your pet. We will arrange and handle all shipping arrangements, no exceptions. We want to ensure your new pet is delivered to you in a way that is safe and secure and in a way that we trust.
  • Puppy Perk: We are excited for you to see your new puppy grow and develop. We will update pictures of your new puppy every seven (7) to fourteen (14) days, as long as weather permits. If there are unforeseen
    circumstances with photography, at any time, I guarantee you a one (1) day notice. Video’s at my discretion.

  • We keep all our communication formal and professional via voice telephone communication and email.
  • A formal guarantee and spay/neuter addendum will be sent over to new owner/buyer and must be signed and returned to us within 24 hours of selecting your puppy. We use a reliable and trusted site for all documents and signatures.

What are your obligations?

  • We need some information from you once your new puppy arrives home for our guarantee to be effective. You must take ownership and responsibility for your pet.
  • The new owner/buyer must sign this guarantee and return to adopt your new puppy (we will send it to you ).
  • Send us your health report on your new puppy from your licensed veterinary within three (3) business days of arrival.
  • You must maintain a proper vaccination schedule, de-worming schedule and health check ups by a licensed veterinary for your puppy at regular timely intervals.  If proper medical care is not given to your new puppy, this guarantee is null and void. Your veterinarian should provide and schedule remaining preventative steps after your first visit.
  • The buyer agrees to keep the seller informed of any treatments as it occurs and provide seller with pictures of puppy/dog. This provides the Breeder/Seller with an opportunity to follow up on puppies and gives us important feedback and information on the health of our dogs for future generations.
  • Buyer agrees to feed the puppy/adult dog a dog food that is complete and balanced and not allow the dog to become obese, as this can be a root cause of future health complications.
  • Buyer agrees to activate micro-chip within two (2) weeks of taking possession of puppy. Seller will provide application for micro-chip. If micro-chip is not activated, the health guarantee becomes null and void.
  • You are required to seek reimbursement from your pet insurance provider first, if any health issue were to arise.
  • Buyer agrees and understands said puppy was neutered/spayed for the best interest of the puppy and/or will be altered under care of seller (we do not offer breeding rights). We will provide registration papers and pedigree once altered. If dog is bred, our health guarantee becomes null and void.
  •  All puppies are sold for companion purposes only.
  • Buyer agrees to have puppy spayed or neutered  by seven (7) months of age and send certification of procedure within five (5) business days to seller. Registration papers will be released and mailed to buyer once we have proof of spaying or neutering from a licensed veterinarian.
  • Buyer agrees that this canine will not be purposely bred or produce accidental litters. Accidental breeding is considered neglect and all puppies produced will become the property of seller (we do have formal spay/neuter contract that must be signed prior to every adoption).
  • Buyer agrees that if they are unable to care for puppy/dog purchased, within contract period, that the seller/breeder has first right to buy back canine at original purchase price.

What is not covered?

  • We will not cover fees associated with spaying, neutering and veterinary medical costs.
  • Costs of raising and owning a puppy including, but not limited to regular veterinary care, dental care, flea control, heartworm medication, pet foods, special diets, vitamins/minerals, supplements, nail trims, grooming, shampoo and bathing (including medicated baths). Any fees related to the professional opinion of a veterinarian including, but not limited to office visit fee, examination, consultation, medical progress exam, office call, recheck, specialist consult, x-rays, emergency exam, etc.
  • We do not cover genetic disorders such as retained testicles, recessed vulva, hernias or cherry eyes. These are common conditions and can easily be fixed upon spaying or neutering..
  • We will not guarantee breeding abilities, weight, size, conformation, improper bite, coat color/markings, eye color and temperament of your new puppy.
  • Diseases which are not life threatening and do not adversely affect the health of the animal are not covered by
    this health guarantee.

  • Cancer of any types.
  • Pre-existing conditions. If a pre-existing condition exists, it is disclosed prior to buyer taking ownership, so we do not cover relatable treatments, conditions, or worsening of condition.

Total Liability, Breach, and Extras?

  • No cash refunds, only credit applied towards new puppy will be awarded.
  • Guarantee is only warranted to original purchaser.  
  • Should you drop the free pet insurance within the first thirty days of your puppy’s arrival; the health guarantee will be null and void. Pet Insurance is not required after thirty days, but we recommend keeping it.
  • Any claims on “live” parasites will only be covered within the first three business days of arrival, up to $30.00. We will only accept results from a “wet fecal smear” or “in house” testing at your veterinarian’s office. Testing sent to outside laboratories will not be accepted, as they are unable to tell if parasites are alive or dead.
  • If the buyer declines a replacement puppy, the buyer agrees the seller is under no further obligation in this agreement and all claims have been settled between buyer and seller and no further action shall take place.
  • The limits of liability will not extend beyond the original purchase price of your puppy. The value of the pet, for the purpose of this guarantee, is solely the original purchase price, not including shipping costs and crate.
  • If buyer fails to comply with any of the treatments, spaying/neutering addendum (if applicable), maintenance or any health procedures that the buyer is responsible for, this guarantee shall terminate and become null and void.
  • All sales are final, unless a health issue arises prior to puppy departing from sellers home to yours. If a health condition was to arise before departure, buyer would be given option for full refund or to select a new pomsky puppy.
  • Purebred Pomsky will not exchange any puppy for monetary funds for any reason including, without limitation, landlord/tenant restrictions, change in marital status, buyer remorse, allergies, or any other reason. We offer lifetime support for all of our puppies, so please email us or call if a problem arises.
  • Any exam performed by a vet belonging to the Banfield network (Petsmart/Petco) will VOID this guarantee in its entirety due to their reputation of financial abuse of new puppy owners and misdiagnosis.

We will send over a formal health guarantee and spay/neuter contract with every puppy.

Pet Insurance

  • We offer 30 days of free pet insurance for every Pomsky puppy adopted.  No waiting periods and immediate coverage for your new Pomsky. 90%  coverage of eligible costs. Just activate certificate within 24 hours of your puppy arriving home.
  • Medical insurance for your Pomsky covers veterinary bills for unexpected injuries and illnesses
  • https://trupanion.com
  • Learn about AKC's customizable levels and plan options to fit any budget.
  • https://www.akcpetinsurance.com

Ten Year Health​​​​Guarantee

Pomsky Puppies For Sale

Most breeders will only offer a two year health guarantee, our puppies are eligible for ten!