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Pomsky breed at a glance:

  • A Pomsky is a designer breed with the genetic makeup of a Pomeranian and Siberian Husky.
  • The Pomsky breed is loyal, outgoing, mischievous, friendly, alert, and lively.
  • They make wonderful companions for a wide range of families, with or without children.
  • They are suitable for living in almost all living quarters; condominiums, apartments, rural areas, duplex's, town homes and general housing.
  • Pomskies typically get along with other animals and is a versatile breed.
  • Typical life expectancy of a Pomsky is between ten (10) to sixteen (16) years.

General Appearance:

  • The Pomsky has a double coat and has a well furred body, along with a brush tail. His coat can come in three (3) varieties: wooly, plush or traditional husky coat.
  • The wooly coat still has a double coat, but with guard hairs longer then the traditional coat.
  • Ears are erect and typically will resemble or have a Siberian husky mask-and-cap patterns of white markings. Tan markings are allowed and not faulted on mask-and-cap.
  • The Pomsky tail typically lies on or around their back and is carried with a high set.
  • Gait of a Pomsky is animated, smooth and effortless.


  • The Pomsky can come in three sizes with medium energy levels - Standard, Miniature, and Toy - but other than size, the appearance of the three is the same.
  • Weight typical can range between six (6) to thirty (30) pounds. However, the size of a Pomsky is NOT gauged on the weight, but more on height itself.
  • Every single Pomsky is unique, and (even within the same litter) there can be a noticeable difference in size between siblings.
  • The size of a very young Pomsky puppy is not an accurate indicator of adult height/weight! They will reach max height first and then fill out in body mass last.
  • Genetics play the biggest role in determining the adult size of any Pomsky puppy, but health and diet also have an effect.

All about those eyes:

  • All eye colors are acceptable and are noted below. We do NOT breed for eye color at Purebred Pomsky, we breed for health and temperament first.
  • Blue
  • Green -(A very light brown mixed with blue making the eyes appear green.)
  • Brown
  • Double Colored
  • Parti-Colored
  • Bi-eyed
  • Amber

Coat Colors and Markings:

  • All coat colors are acceptable and are noted below. We do not breed for coat color at Purebred Pomsky, we breed for health and temperament first.
  • Agouti and white
  • Gray and White
  • Black and White
  • Red and White
  • Sable and White
  • White
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Black, Gray and White
  • Black, Tan and White
  • Brown and white
  • Tan
  • Tan and Black
  • Tan and White
  • Isabella White
  • Merle
  • Saddle Back
  • Splash Coat


  • Pomskies mask can change as they age, they can lighten over time.
  • Full bar with goggles
  • Teddy Bear Mask
  • Clover Mask
  • Open Face Mask
  • Full Mask
  • Dirty Face Mask

There are five (5) different multi-generation crosses of Pomskies.

  • Please note: these are all true Pomskies. 
  • Siberian Husky x Pomeranian = F1 Pomsky or a First Generation Pomsky.
  • F1 X Purebred = F1b Pomsky or First Generation back cross.
  • F1 x F1 = F2 Pomsky or Second Generation Pomsky.
  • F1 x F1b = F2b Pomsky or Second Generation back cross.
  • F2 x F2 = F3 Pomsky or third generation Pomsky.
  • We do not DNA test or provide DNA Statement of Authentications  with any F1B, F2, F2b or F3 Pomskies.
  • We will provide a DNA Statement of Authentication on our F1, first generation, Pomskies.
  • Mars Veterinarian stated they are unable to complete DNA testing on any F1B, F2, F2b, and F3's, as the results are not accurate and is super tricky to obtain results.
  • Our pedigree and registration papers will show lineage of our multi-generation Pomskies.


  • They shed twice a year and so finding a good groomer to have their undercoats blown out is recommended. Bathe when necessary and dry shampoo.
  • Brush as needed, they are relatively easy keepers
  • We recommend Cherry Brooke for all your grooming supplies. 
  • Do not forget about those pearly whites, maintain proper dental care.
  • Maintain proper veterinarian care with a licensed veterinarian is required.
  • Feed an essential dry "premium" dog food for your Pomsky through out their life time.
  • Recommended dog food brands are:Eukanuba, Iams and Purina Pro Plan
  • Exercise is a must for all Pomskies or canines, young or old; you just need to adjust the amount of exercise to suit your dog's age and fitness level. Walking your Pomsky daily is essential in maintaining physical health and mental health.
  • Vitamins and probiotic's are recommend to support a health digestive system and over all well being.
  • Appropriate chew toys and toys are recommended for your Pomsky for many health and mental benefits. Supervision is recommended.


  • Pomskies are highly intelligent and are fast learners.
  • They love to please and thrive on attention.
  • Training activities can help attention spans in your Pomsky, reduce anxiety and control impulse abilities.
  • A well trained Pomsky makes for a happier Pomsky and happier household.
  • All natural training treats are recommended.
  • We recommend only taking your Pomsky to puppy training classes after he or she has received all required vaccinations.  Puppy Socialization and the risk of disease is high when your Pomsky has not been vaccinated.Please click hereto read an article issued by AKC regarding socialization.

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