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Home Sweet Home:

We can not thank Purebred Pomsky enough for bringing us our best fur friend! They were a pleasure to work with! We had always wanted a Pomsky and when we found a great breeder so close to home we were so excited. We were given advice, assistance and the most beautiful puppy! We can’t thank them enough for bringing us such a healthy, loving, and sweet Pomsky!

Reviewer:  Annie and Josh , November 06, 2017

Exceeded My Expectations

At first we were hesitant to purchase a puppy online. Valerie gave me all the details of how the adoption process worked and was quick to reply. She did a fantastic job of letting me know what to expect! All of the flight information was very clear and easy to read, no gray areas or hidden details. We received our puppy in excellent health. We have had AKA "Mia" for four years now and we will def. be getting another one from her in the future. THANK YOU!

Reviewer:  Ryan,. April 20, 2016

Found our perfect new addition to the family:

I could not be more grateful to Valerie for the new addition to our family. The Pomsky provided by Valerie is not only beautiful, but healthy, lively & loving, which is not something you can be guaranteed from a puppy selling store. Valerie was and still is an extremely helpful & caring person throughout the whole process of the purchase. My family & I can not be any more happier, with our purchase of Angel. Thank you so much Valerie.

Reviewer: Marina, October, 23 2018

More than Pleased:

My husband and I couldn’t be more happier to have gotten our sweet adorable and most loving Bailey from Valerie! Valerie was wonderful to work with beginning to end. She answered all our questions and was most accommodating. She made a first time Pomsky owner extremely happy to have our Bailey! He’s brought so much joy and happiness to our home. Highly recommend Valerie to any one looking for a pomsky. Thanks for being the real deal Breeder and Bailey is now forever loved!😀

Reviewer: Deneen Belardino., March 2nd, 2021

Our perfect pomsky experience:

Valerie made our experience effortless from beginning to end. Our family is in love with our little Gigi. Valerie thank you for the opportunity to adopt such a beautiful and quality puppy. We will send updated photos when we can.

Reviewer: The Gaertner's, February 13, 2017

A Ray of Sunshine:

Smokey (Thor) came into my life at just the right time. He has been such a good puppy and brought joy to my heart where I thought I could never see again. It's been a long time since I've had this kind of bond with a pet. What a wonderful breeder and wonderful puppies. They are very easy to work with and their love for their puppies shows from the time you see them to the time you bring one home. We have had such an easy time potty training, I'm ready for another!!

Reviewer: Sharon, July 23, 2018

Beyond happy, perfect is an understatement, absolutely in love!:

Our family is surrounded with puppy love. We purchased "Keesha" now Karma from Valerie to reward our oldest son for a years worth of straight A's. He had been asking for his "own" dog to take care of for quite some time. Already owning two dogs, Mom and Dad were hesitant to take in a third. We came across Valerie's website about 8 months before actually adopting our Karma. She was always available and prompt to answer any questions we had about her available puppies. I have to also add that she is a gem of a person and a pleasure to speak with. It was very obvious that she truly cares for all of her dogs and wants to make sure that they will go to good homes. When Karma become available our family was smitten. I had never adopted a dog site unseen before and must admit that I was nervous about flying her in. We carefully weighed the decision weather to make the 8 hour drive or ship her via pet air. Valerie was very supportive with either decision but assured us that the 45 min flight would be in the pups better interest. We agreed and couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience. Karma arrived on time, healthy, happy, fully vaccinated, and full of love! She is a wonderful addition to our family and we all just adore her. She is also by far the smartest and easiest puppy I have ever owned. She was house trained in less than a week and is a super fast and eager learner! Valerie continues to stay in touch and check in to see how she's doing. She is happy to answer any questions, love sharing photos, and has made this such a memorable experience for our family! We literally get stopped everywhere we go with Karma, and I always pass on Valerie's information to admirers. I highly recommend working with her if you are looking to add a Pomsky to your home. Her dogs, passion, professionalism, and kindness are second to none! Thank you for our little Karma Valerie! We are loving every second and can't imagine our home without her!!

Reviewer: The Galioto family (William's best friend), September 23, 2016


We are so in love with our Pomsky, Gunnar!! He's had been a blessing to our family. I did a lot of research before finding out next four legged addition. Valerie was amazing from start to finish. This was an expensive, but well worth it purchase! I cannot give purebredpomsky enough stars!

Reviewer: Melissa T., June 22, 2016 

The Best Dog EVER!!! Our Pomsky- Bo :):

My husband Ethan and I welcomed home our puppy, Bo, in February and could not be happier with him and equally so, with the experience we've had with Valerie, our Purebred Pomsky breeder. We found Valerie through a client of our dog walking service and friend of ours, who has one of her Pomsky pups. We were so impressed with his demeanor, stunning looks and incredible intelligence that we decided that a Pomsky was the breed for us, and more importantly, that Valerie / Purebred Pomsky were the only breeder we would consider. Valerie was impressive from day one in her responsiveness, knowledge of the breed, and most of all, the care and concern behind the placement of her pups. Valerie sent us updates with photos and eventually, a beautiful video, prior to us welcoming Bo home. She predicted his size, temperament, coloring.. everything, really, perfectly; this is clearly a woman who knows her pups very well to have foreseen all of these traits at such a young age. Valerie has been in touch since we brought Bo home, checking in and responsive with warm messages whenever we send her photos and updates on how he is doing. She is not just a breeder- she is a woman who truly loves and cares for her dogs and their well being is her top concern, unlike many other breeders. Bo has developed into the most handsome, happy, loving, intelligent, athletic puppy and with every passing day, we only love him more. He is a grey and white wooly with striking blue and brown eyes. He has the biggest heart, the greatest disposition and has been healthy and eager to learn since we welcomed him home. I would recommend Valerie and Purebred Pomsky to anyone who truly loves dogs and is looking for a member of their family to cherish and a relationship with their breeder that they can trust and lasts far beyond the day they come home. Thank you Valerie and Purebred Pomsky for giving us the BEST dog ever!!!!

Reviewer: Kate and Ethan , May 28, 2017

My Boys:

Valerie was so easy to purchase from. I'm so lucky to live in the same state.I got to see my puppies in person as I purchased them from Valerie. They was so cute and they was more cute in person then pictures online. Got them from Valerie. i went to the nearest city and took my boys into a pet store. Most of the people in there had to take a look at them. They have been very heathy and happy puppies from the start. They just turned one year old. They are easy going. I have had a lot of compliments on them. The mail carrier has even taking pictures of them. My boys are very nice pets. You can tell they came from a good breeder and a good breed. They are smart without much training. I originally was looking for outdoor dogs, but love them so much they are now indoor and outdoor dogs. I'm so glad I got two puppies from Valerie. They are great together. Thank you Valerie from John, Hunter, and Rainy in Bethany Missouri

Reviewer: John, December 8, 2013

Meika and Koda:

We love Purebred Pomsky and Valerie!! We have two pomskies from Valerie and absolutely love them both!! I was able to fly out and meet Valerie in person and pick up our second pomsky. Can't say enough good things about her! We stay in touch with Valerie via instagram and over text messages. She is also so great about answering any questions you might have. She truly loves each and every dog and we are so thankful for that!!

Reviewer: Nikole, April 13, 2018


Can't say enough about Valerie for giving us an amazing baby girl she is beautiful and sweet and so stinking adorable love her she has a great personality thank you so much for giving her to us we will forever love her in a hearts and will share her life picture as we grow with her. .

Reviewer: Sincerely Charlene Mejia , February 12, 2017

We can’t say enough about new pomsky!!! Valerie deserves 10 stars!!!:

If you’re looking for a new addition to your family this is definitely the breeder to purchase from! Our puppy is absolutely perfect! She has an amazing personality, she is fun loving and perfect for our family! Valerie went above and beyond to get her to us when she was leaving town. We appreciate and can’t thank her enough. What a joy our new puppy has brought to our family. We will be looking to purchase another one! Thank you Purebred Pomskys!

Reviewer: Michelle Pullen., Jan 4th, 2021


We have purchased 4 dogs from Valerie and each time we were treated awesome. I would highly recommend Valerie to anyone. Great dogs and we couldn't be happier!!!

Reviewer: Steve and Annette, December 19, 2017

The best experience @:

The process of finding the right companion can be difficult, but my experience with Purebred Pomskies was nothing short of spectacular. I have a life long pet partner that wakes me up every morning and brings so much joy and peace to my life. Thank you so many times over!

Reviewer: Esteban Pescadero Sr., September 11th, 2019


I had been researching various Pomsky breeders all over the country for months. I finally came upon purebredpomsky.com and in speaking with Valerie, I knew I was in the best of hands!! Sure enough, she delivered the most beautiful Pomsky to my fiance and me!!!! We get mobbed constantly in the streets of NYC over his beauty!! We are anxiously awaiting our 2nd Pomsky puppy from Valerie. This was our first puppy and she made everything so seamless!!! I would text, email and call her literally 20 times a day before our Pomsky arrived. She answered every single question I had and was always available to me (which is unheard of)!!! We have had our Pomsky for a week and I still text Valerie every day.......she has now become my friend. She cares about her puppies even after they leave her and I have never met anyone quite like her!! If you have ANY doubts, trust me!!! Look no further....see Valerie!! THANK YOU VALERIE!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

Reviewer: Tray ,. May 15, 2016

Our Pomsky is Pure Joy!

Thank you Valerie for breeding Pomsky puppies! Our little puppy brings us so much joy! He loves our children and two other dogs. We appreciate your professionalism in telling us exactly what to expect and how to work with our puppy. We also thank you for your care in raising him for his first few weeks, and for getting him to us safe and sound.

Reviewer:  Lutton family,. March 7, 2016

Thank you, your sisters and family... Valerie :

We purchased a pomsky 5 years ago from a different breeder. The experience was ok, however, our sweet girl was scared and came with parasites. It was evident she hadn't been handled much. She did turn out to be an amazing, sweet and very inteligent dog. To my amazement completely made me a dog person. I had been watching Purebred Pomsky for two years and feel so blessed when I discovered there new litter. My daughter and I instantly fell in love with Charlie. The whole process with Valerie was great! We picked him up from the airport and took him out of the carrier where he immediately began to bite and play. Its obvious he was loved, handled and by the second day went to front door to go potty. I highly reccomend Purebred Pomsky as they are a class act. We are in love with our new BOY!

Reviewer: Daugherty D., July 28th, 2022

Kathy M.

We are very happy with our puppy, we got her in August. First time we had one shipped, she arrived in excellent shape. Valerie made this such an easy experience.

Reviewer:  Kathy,. April 11, 2016

Great Service & Wonderful Poppy:

Hi, We purchased our beautiful Pomsky remotely from Texas. We basically relied on the information we were given by Valerie. Her professionalism and support was exemplary. She was available for all of our questions promptly, with smile on her face. 😀 We got our poppy, and everything we were told about our dog was accurate, we love our poppy and we thank you so much to Valerie for raising these wonderful Pomskies.

Reviewer: Masoud M., September 22nd, 2019

Highly recommend this breeder!

We adopted our puppy from Valerie last year and the whole process was amazing. We have six children, all under the age of ten, so it was crucial we found a good healthy, socialized puppy. We knew we wanted a family pet and came across this breed. We spoke with Valerie on several occasions and was able to meet her in person to pick up our puppy. She was everything and more! Our puppy has passed all of her obedience classes with flying colors and is amazing with our kids. I am so thankful and blessed we found Valerie. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to meet you, your puppies and bring one home! ~ Mary

Reviewer: Mary ,. May 14, 2016

Pure bliss!:

My partner and I were looking for a puppy to add to our little family. I searched for a couple of months until we found the Pomsky breed and we fell in love. We came across Purebred Pomsky website and at first felt a little standoffish. This was all new to us and never have we ever bought any living thing online. But having the conversation with Valerie made us feel at ease. She is very prompt in responding to you. She’s honest and gives great advice for new pawrents. We got our Pomsky delivered via plane and the entire process was so smooth. We are head over heels for our pomsky baby and can’t imagine life without him. He is SO smart and full of energy. We definitely see ourselves having another pomsky baby in the future. Thank you Valerie for our lifetime companion, we couldn’t be more happy.

Reviewer: Toni C., April 3rd, 2021

Exemplary Breeder, Perfect Puppies:

I never before purchased a puppy, having read some of the horror stories in doing so. These are not even remotely the case here. One photo of my puppy and within a week, all of the pre-sale logistics and travel arrangements were squared away: the whole process from first contact to receiving Max at the airport was stress free. The breeders are exemplary in their treatment of caring for and socializing their puppies and absolutely professional with their clients. When Max arrived, I had the most beautiful, healthy puppy. Bright-eyes, frantically-waving tail, and from moment one, the most loving, lively and even-tempered baby. Max has been a joy and a treat. His very first checkup with his new vet netted perfect marks and other than neutering, he has been to the vet for only those required check-ups and weigh-ins. I cannot recommend this breeder more highly. In fact, I already have optioned another puppy in the near future!

Reviewer: Debra, December 26, 2016

The most loving dog!!:

Our male pomsky, Rocket, is two years old now and is truly the most loving dog we have ever owned! He's truly a pleaser and quite the protector. I can't say enough about the professionalism of Purebred Pomskies! Amazing communication and high level of professionalism. The care taken by this breeder to insure a healthy and loving dog has exceeded my highest expectations!

Reviewer: Lisa Jury., December 12th, 2019

Celeste's and Cameron's experience with Nya(Our Toy Pomsky) and Valerie:

Valerie is absolutely wonderful. If there was any role model for a breeder, I would immediately think of Valerie. She loves, cares, and protects each and every puppy that she has. Moreover, she cares about them long after they have been placed within a home. If anyone is reading this, please know that you could not have come to a better place. Here you will find the perfect pomsky that will fill your every need and MORE! Thank you Valerie, we appreciate you so much! You will ALWAYS be the godmother to our child / puppy Nya. To all those that are reading this.... you are extremely lucky to come across Valerie. Your future puppy is in WONDERFUL hands!!!

Reviewer: Cameron Tung., October 8th, 2019

Happy Families

Where V.I.P.'s come to find their new family members!

Responsive, Professional & A Pleasure To Work With:

I highly recommend Valerie, she was quick to return emails and texts. She answered all my questions and provided additional information. And the puppy was incredibly well-socialized and friendly. I could go on and on about all the wonderful qualities of her animals: Excellent pedigree, disposition and demeanor. You can tell the are raised by a family instead of a factory. On the ride home, my new pup snuggled next to my leg and fell asleep. She was even potty trained, what a delightful surprise!

Reviewer: B., March 26, 2014  

I only wish I could give more than 5 stars!!:

Where do I start? Milo (originally 'Loki') is a ball of light and has brought endless joy to all our lives! I spoke to all the approved breeders on the PCA list and no one made me feel as comfortable as Valerie - it is so clear how much she cares about her puppies going to good homes, and how much love they get within their time with her. This is invaluable. Milo is nicknamed "Smilo" because he does not stop smiling. He is so happy - loves all dogs, big and small, adores kids and everyone he meets. He loves to cuddle and play and has is the teacher's favorite in day care and puppy kindergarten. I could not ask for a better temperament and amazed everyday at how fortunate we are to have a dog like Milo. Not to mention, Valerie's pups are absolutely beautiful. I am endlessly stopped on the street by people who ask about and play with Milo, no matter how old he gets, so be prepared to be stopped everywhere you go (I'm not kidding...everywhere!). But Valerie's pups are more than just beautiful, it's their personality that makes them so special.

Reviewer: Tonya, October 12, 2016

Luna and Valerie:

I got my dog Luna (original name Vera) a little over 2 years ago for graduation. I've always loved huskies and wanted one but my parents said no because they are two big, so now that I have Luna, its great as she is the perfect size to be a small dog that fits into the family perfectly. She was very good to train and definitely has the husky attitude. Valerie has been amazing through the process and instead of just selling the pups and saying "their not my problem anymore" has always been there for me, even for the simplest questions. Absolutely would recommend and not just for the cuteness factor of the pomsky but also because of Valerie with her help and kindness along the way to help you out with whatever you need.

Reviewer: Dalton Farmer., May 10th, 2020

In love❤️

We are so happy with our Izzy and Valerie has been wonderful!!! She is a great breeder!! Would definitely get another baby from them if we were looking for another!!!

Reviewer:  Darla,. March 13, 2016


Valerie was great!! She was great to work with and always available for questions or more information. Truman (now named Jackson, aka Jax) is the cutest and sweetest! We got him 04/01/16 at 10 weeks old. I love his markings, and he has the best temperament. He gets along well with all other people, dogs (even big ones, we have a rottweiler) and cats. He's not afraid or skittish, and loves attention and following me around. He makes the cutest sounds. He was shipped to us in Chicago and he got here safe and sound! You can also tell he was very well cared for. He was 100% healthy at his vet check-ups! He's a tiny, snuggly little guy, and I'm loving every minute!

Reviewer:  Lisa Ksandr ,. April 21, 2016

Happy Puppy and Ownee!!

I adopted Anna on 1/29/16. She is happy, healthy, smart, easy to train, and my best friend. I had the best experience throughout the adoption process. They love their dogs and prepare you every step of the way for what to expect. I am so glad I adopted her from them. I can't give a higher recommendation. They communicated so well and were always available for my questions. Thank you for sending me the most perfect puppy!

Reviewer: Allison ,. May 30, 2016